As well as the option of purchasing DVD’s for most of our programs, here is a listing of interesting and precious items for sale from our collection vault: research, reference and collectable books, theatre and dance programmes, specialist DVDs, posters, film or photographic accessories, etc… (all prices include GST)

The Australian Ballet's MURPHY program front cover

Collectable Dance Programmes

The Australian Ballet MURPHY (2018) A superb programme on the show celebrating Graeme Murphy’s 50 years in dance – a fabulous collector’s item. Some stunning photography of the restaged shows from his days at both …

Book cover

Books – Biographies and Media

Mao’s Last Dancer by Cunxin Li (Author) The extraordinary memoir of a peasant boy raised in rural Maoist China who was plucked from his village to study ballet and went on to become one of …

The Medieval Imagination - book cover

The Medieval Imagination

Illustrated Manuscripts from Cambridge, Australia and New Zealand This lavish book forms showcases an incredible exhibition at the State Library of Victoria (Melbourne), of more than 40 spectacular and precious Cambridge manuscripts dated from the …

Book cover 'Love and Devotion: from Persia and Beyond'

Persian Art Books

Love and Devotion: from Persia and Beyond BOOK (Editor: Susan Scollay) + DVD offer Tales of earthly and spiritual love were recounted and reinterpreted by Persian poets from the 11th century onwards. Stories of lovers …

Reflections - book cover


Film, Video/ Photographic

REFLECTIONS: Twenty-One Cinematographers at Work This Benjamin Bergery book examines the practice and art of cinematography. It is divided into 7 sections: cinematography basics, the key light, portraits, day interiors, night interiors, lab techniques, and …

Arab Art - book cover

Émille P. D’Avennes’ Arab Art

+ The Oxford Encyclopedia of The Islamic World

This oustanding large book (44 x 32 cm) by Émille Prisse D’Avennes, is a dazzling Compendia of Islamic Art, People and Architecture. “(1807–1879), a French Orientalist, author and artist, was one of the greatest pre-20th …

Rosas danst Rosas - cover

Specialist DVD’s (very good condition or new)

Dance: Rosas danst Rosas (57 min – 1997) Since its creation in 1983, Rosas danst Rosas has remained a benchmark piece in the Rosas repertoire. In his film shot in Leuven in the former technical …

Book: BILL HENSON Photographs (1974-84)

Collectable book: BILL HENSON

Photographs (1979-84)

A great collectable hard-cover photographic book (published by Pan Books, 1988) on the early work of Australian photographer Bill Henson. The first section is a sequence of crowd scenes, and the second consists of images …

Capa In Color - front cover

Collectable Photographic Books

CAPA in COLOR This beautiful book looks at Robert Capa’s color photography, a little-known but important aspect of the great photographer’s work, and includes many never-before-published images. Famed photojournalist and founder of Magnum Photos, Robert …

Tivoli book cover (with incl. music CD)

Collectable Dance (& Musical) books

TIVOLI (hardback book with music CD and mystery DVD) In 1966 the Tivoli ceased production, ending an era in Australia’s performing arts history. In this 240 pages book, lavishly illustrated with many photographs and posters, …


Miscellaneous Programmes

(exhibitions, opera and music)

Creative Australia and the Ballet Russes (21 x 26 cm – 32 pages) Published in conjunction with the 2009 exhibition of the same name at the Arts Centre, Melbourne, a superb programme with rich essays, …

GAUGUIN A Retrospective - Book cover


A Retrospective

‘GAUGUIN A Retrospective’ (Large heavy Hardcover edited by Marla Prather and Charles F. Stuckey, published in 1987 by Hugh Lauter Levin, New York).  This lavish book covers the vast scope of Gauguin’s art in a …

Book cover: The West and the Map of the World - A Reappraisal from the Past

Collectable book:

The West and the Map of the World

A Reappraisal of the Past (Matthew Richardson – Miegunyah Press, Melbourne University Pub., 2010 – 277 pages) Combining stunning images with compelling ancient and medieval writings, this reference reasons that European history was determined by …