TV Art Series 'Imagine' poster (featuring presenter Jeanne Ryckman)


Television Series IMAGINE (58 x 26 min – circa 1994-95), Producer/ Director: Philippe Charluet – Executive Producer: Veronique Bernard – a weekly show featuring informative and entertaining stories on design, creativity & the Arts (theatre, dance, architecture, visual arts & the unusual).

Two 26 min specials were also produced, Imagine Japan, looking at the Arts, drama and comedy in contemporary Japan.

Featured Video: On February 3 1967, Ronald Ryan became the last man to be hanged in Australia. Remembering Ronald Ryan’ is a story about a fabulous play celebrating the man behind the execution by Melbourne playwright, Barry Dickins (who has recently released a book marking this grim commemoration, ‘Last Words: the Hanging of Ronald  Ryan’ (available at Readings).

Video tabs above: a story about ‘the Car as .. Art’

  • TV Art Series 'Imagine' poster (featuring presenter Jeanne Ryckman)
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