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The Sleeping Beauty
Behind the curtain

The Sleeping Beauty: Behind the Curtain is a feature documentary (98 min) following David McAllister, The Australian Ballet’s former Artistic Director, as he creates this magical ballet. Intimate interviews abound; with David McAllister who reveals his feelings and fears towards creating his first full length work, with Lana Jones, the Principal Artist (Aurora) who injures herself during rehearsals, as well as with Gabriela Tylesova (Costume and Stage Designer) and Nicolette Fraillon (Music Director and Chief Conductor), and many many more. All reveal hidden facets of the remarkable and inspiring collaborations required to create and deliver one of the most significant productions in The Australian Ballet’s history.

From this challenging  journey with its share of pain, sweat and yes, a few tears, the enigma of Classical Ballet is demystified as the audience not only discover the human side of this remarkable process, but an understanding of The Australian Ballet in the global context.

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Executive Producer: Rod Parker – Freemantle Media Australia
Producer/ field Director/ Interviews/ documentary cinematographer: Philippe Charluet
Producer/ Writer/ Post-Production: Chris Thornburn

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Foxtel documentary trailer
Philippe’s trailer (with slow motion)

Small excerpt from the documentary (promoting Sleeping Beauty’s cinema release)

The full documentary was also broadcast online in April 2020

2020 Digital Season

  • Aurora in the Casket (Lana Jones as Sleeping Beauty)
  • Filming David McAllister during rehearsals
  • 'The Sleeping Beauty' Flyer
  • The 'Dragonfly' statue outside the Arts Centre in Melbourne (photo Philippe Charluet)
  • One of Gabriela Tylesova's breathtaking designs for 'Sleeping Beauty'
  • One of the many costumes designed by Gabriela Tylesova
  • 2020 Digital Season