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Tivoli book cover (with incl. music CD)

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TIVOLI (hardback book with music CD and mystery DVD)

In 1966 the Tivoli ceased production, ending an era in Australia’s performing arts history. In this 240 pages book, lavishly illustrated with many photographs and posters, the curtain rises again on Australia’s great theatrical past. Frank Van Straten recalls all of Tivoli’s most famous names and faces. He reveals the on-stage hijinks, performances by the world’s best vaudeville, variety and revue artists. Includes bonus 60-minute music CD.

Full of short biographies on Tivoli celebrities, and rich with anecdotal quotes, this book is more than just a history: it captures the mood, the excitement and the dramas that faced the Tivoli circuit from its glory days to its sudden decline when television stole its audiences.

Funny, fond and flamboyant, ‘Tivoli’ will delight readers and there is of course a mention of Graeme Murphy’s fabulous show that celebrated the whole era of the Tivoli Circuit (video link)
(very good condition)

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Book cover: 'Dance and Photography'


DANCE AND PHOTOGRAPHY (William A. Ewing, 1987)
Here is dance history – from classical ballet to the cancan, from rock-and-roll to the hokey-cokey and contemporary dance – captured in 200 magnificently reproduced black and white photographs selected from tens of thousands in archives around the world. (good condition)

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Book cover: 'Choerographics'


CHOREOGRAPHICS (Kelvin Robertson, 2007)
A small book (15 x 21 cm) showcasing dance paintings by Kelvin Robertson. In the words of dance-writer Valerie Lawson, Robertson “found his niche; his economical style shows an understanding of the dancer, both in technique and artistry. In a few lines, or cut-out shapes, he captures the spiral of their shoulder joints, the stretchy, flexi-extension of their legs and the long columns of their necks.” (good condition)

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  • Book cover: 'Choerographics'
  • 'Choreographics' - plate 1
  • 'Choreographics' - plate 2
  • 'Dance and Photography': sample 2
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  • Book cover: 'Dance and Photography'
  • Tivoli book cover (with incl. music CD)
  • TIVOLI - Pix montage from Graeme Murphy's show