Sample documentaries with video trailers, synopsis, links and related videos/ photos (either fully produced or worked on)

'Love and Devotion' documentary poster

Love and Devotion:

from Persia and Beyond

28 min documentary, produced, written, directed and filmed by Philippe Charluet (developed with the assistance of Film Victoria),  made in collaboration with Stella Motion Pictures and the State Library of Victoria. Filmed in Melbourne, Oxford, …

Sleeping Beauty poster

Sleeping Beauty: Behind the Curtain

The Sleeping Beauty: Behind the Curtain is a feature documentary (98 min) following David McAllister, The Australian Ballet’s Artistic Director, as he creates this magical ballet. Intimate interviews abound; with David McAllister who reveals his …

We Are Many DVD cover

We Are Many

Feature documentary directed by Amir Amirani, field produced in Australia by Amanda Hickey with cinematography by Philippe Charluet. Antarctica. In an unprecedented action, seventy scientists working at McMurdo station downed tools and walked off the …

7 DEADLY SINS - creative development poster (photo Philippe Charluet)

7 DEADLY SINS – creative development

A 26 min documentary, produced, directed and filmed by Philippe Charluet, looking at the intense and challenging workshop period of this new performance art piece’s creative development, centering around the theme of the 7 Deadly …

John Friedrich

John Friedrich: Catch Me if you Can

“John Friedrich wanted a life of action and adventure… …only someone else had to pay for it” A 55 min documentary script developed with the assistance of Film Victoria (including a documentary pilot with many interviews) …

Romeo & Juliet: A New Vision - DVD Cover

Romeo and Juliet: A New Vision

28 min documentary, produced, directed and filmed by Philippe Charluet, Stella Motion Pictures for STUDIO Arts channel (Foxtel Australia) Filmed over a period of 9 months, this documentary follows the creation of a brand new …

Arts du Mythe DVD poster

Arts du Mythe:

Peinture Pintupi d’Australie

26 min documentary, part of the Arts du Mythe: Discover the Primal Arts series, produced by Christine Doublet (Program 33), directed by François Lévy-Kuentz, field producing/ cinematography by Philippe Charluet (Australia) for ARTE (France/ Germany) …

Dances of Life poster

Dances of Life

55 min Documentary directed by Emmy Award winner Catherine Tatge, director of photography Philippe Charluet, produced by Dominique Lasseur and Shane Segar and for PBS (USA) in conjunction with Pacific Islanders in Communications 4 years in …

art21 (William Kentridge)

ART:21 Season 5 &

William Kentridge: Anything is Possible

COMPASSION EPISODE (William Kentridge), Australian shoot directed by Catherine Tatge, cinematography by Philippe Charluet TRANSFORMATION EPISODE (Yinka Shonibare), Australian shoot field produced/ directed and filmed by Philippe Charluet     Filmed in Sydney, these profiles …

Medieval Imagination poster

The Medieval Imagination

28 min documentary, produced, written, directed and filmed by Philippe Charluet,  made in collaboration with the State Library of Victoria. Screened nationally on Australian television. ‘The Medieval Imagination, Illustrated Manuscripts from Cambridge, Australia and New …

Tasmanian Tiger

The Thylacine File

(formerly ‘Just Dying to Live’)

A 55 min Documentary Script produced/ script edited/ researched by Philippe Charluet and written/ researched by Edwin Hill For hundreds of thousands of years a creature known to us as the thylacine roamed the Australian mainland, …

Wild Swans: Behind the scenes - Documentary Poster

Wild Swans: Behind the Scenes

26 min documentary, produced, directed and filmed by Philippe Charluet for ABC-TV (Australia) Over a few months, we follow acclaimed choreographer Meryl Tankard and composer Elena Kats-Chernin, together with artists of The Australian Ballet creating this …

Rush - accident photo


A 56 min documentary Produced, Directed & filmed by Philippe Charluet; Written by Philippe Charluet, Jane Searle & Kieran Weir. Network: ABC TV (Australia) The Australian dark obsession with speed, ‘joy-riding’ and car theft is the …

CLUB SWING in the making of 'Razor Baby' (with Anni Davey, Kathryn Niesche, Kareena (Oates) Hodgson, Simone O’Brien, Celia White, Jeremy Smith)


‘Club Swing’ and ‘The Avalanches’

Episodes of a 10 x 15 min television series, produced by Wendy Martin,  CLUB SWING and THE AVALANCHES was written/directed and filmed by Philippe Charluet for ABC Education/ Film Australia     Produced specifically for upper secondary …

Alicia poster


52 min documentary, Produced/ directed by Philippe Charluet (also additional cinematography) Written by Philippe Charluet and Jane Searle Networks distribution: Spirit Enterprise (Japan) and AusTV (satellite broadcast in Asia), Fairfax TV (online), Culture Unplugged Festival …

Bill Henson collage (Venice exhibition)

Bill Henson: Dreams of Darkness

26 min documentary, produced, directed and filmed by Philippe Charluet; Reporter/ presenter: Paul McGillick; Executive producer: Veronique Bernard. An impressionistic look at controversial Melbourne master photographer Bill Henson, focusing on his exhibition at the Venice …

Tivoli poster

TIVOLI: the making of a Dance Musical

26 min documentary, produced and directed by Philippe Charluet. Network: ABC TV (Australia) This documentary follows the making of a Graeme Murphy’s dance musical which unites the creative resources of Australia’s two premiere dance companies, …

TV Art Series 'Imagine' poster (featuring presenter Jeanne Ryckman)


Television Series IMAGINE (58 x 26 min – circa 1994-95), Producer/ Director: Philippe Charluet – Executive Producer: Veronique Bernard – a weekly show featuring informative and entertaining stories on design, creativity & the Arts (theatre, …

The Kiss

So Simple So Hard

The Elusive Search for a Soulmate… This 54 min documentary directed by Philippe Charluet follows the adventures of four very different women as they tread through the labyrinth of introduction agencies and single services in …

The Belly

Was That Really Me?

A 55 min documentary directed by Edwin Hill with cinematography by Philippe Charluet. Produced by Debra Annear for Tritych Films . The bond between mothers and babies is ancient and primal. But what happens if …


On the Way to School

  Australian production on this French documentary for Winds Production (Paris) and Disney France; this section follows children from Tieyon Station in outback Australia attending school from home, via The Alice Springs’ School of the …


Other filmed programs

by Philippe Charluet

MARY FONDEN KRONPRINSESSENS LIVSOPGAVE – Link to video TV2 (Denmark) special on Princess Mary of Denmark and her charitable work around the world against cyber bullying, visiting the Alannah and Madeleine Foundation in Melbourne of …

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