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Capa In Color - front cover

Collectable Photographic Books


This beautiful book looks at Robert Capa’s color photography, a little-known but important aspect of the great photographer’s work, and includes many never-before-published images. Famed photojournalist and founder of Magnum Photos, Robert Capa was primarily known for his black-and-white images. But after World War II he turned increasingly to color, fulfilling assignments for a variety of popular magazines such as Life and Holiday. This volume reproduces Capa’s color images in a wide variety of forms including prints, magazine spreads, book jackets, and other ephemera, revealing the photographer at a point in his career when his role as director of Magnum required that he keep up with current technology―both as a business decision and a way of capturing new assignments. This book also features a contextualizing essay by International Center of Photography curator Cynthia Young, travel writings by Capa and collaborators John Steinbeck and Irwin Shaw, and brief essays providing background on various reportages. (as new).

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The Masters - front cover


The Masters – Volume 1

A MASSIVE ISSUE from Black+White magazine publishers (more like a book really) with 230 page printed on thick quality paper of stunning photos (some of the photos are tasteful nudes). The photographers are listed on the cover.  (very good condition).

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Fever Pictch - front cover


Tracey Moffat – Fever Pitch

First edition, Hardcover. Text by Moffatt and Gael Newton. Includes numerous color and B&W photography/ illustrations.  (good condition).

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People of Kau - front cover


People of Kau (Leni Riefenstahl)

Incredibly powerful photographs by Leni Riefenstahl of the Nuba people of Kau, portraying their lives and traditions – including knife-fights, dances of love, and body painting. She said: “I dedicated this book to the Sudanese people. May it stand as a record of an ancient culture soon to be extinguished by the march of civilisation”. (good condition).

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National Geographic 100 Best pictures


National Geographic

Collector’s Edition Vol 1

Large Format special collector’s edition of National Geographic magazine first edition of its 100 best pictures.
(good condition).

Price: $28 AUD + postage email

  • People of Kau - front cover
  • The Masters - front cover
  • National Geographic 100 Best pictures
  • Fever Pictch - front cover
  • Tracey Moffatt picture