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The Kiss

So Simple So Hard

The Elusive Search for a Soulmate…

This 54 min documentary directed by Philippe Charluet follows the adventures of four very different women as they tread through the labyrinth of introduction agencies and single services in search for that elusive partner…

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KATE – a single mother with one child, is struggling to improve her social life while balancing the demands of motherhood with an unconventional career path;

WEN – sweet, stubborn, ambitious and Chinese, is under pressure from her parents to settle;

ANGELA – an outgoing hairdresser with Christian values is saving herself for ‘the right man’;

CATHERINE – an ageless Opera singer, has dedicated most of her life to her career;

What do these women have in common: they are single, lonely and looking…

In spite of the incredible sophistication of today’s communication technology, introduction agencies and single services are gaining more prestige in taking on the role of match-maker. Through documenting the experiences of these four women, we discover the common problems and social expectations that contribute to loneliness in our modern society.

So Simple So Hard challenges the ideas we have about love; a contemporary and universal look at interpersonal relationships in Australia.

Catherine, Wen, Kate and Angela

Produced with the assistance of Film Victoria.
Financed by Screen Australia

Broadcast: SBS (Australia), Carlton TV (UK), RTSI (Switzerland & Italy), WTN (Canada), etc…

  • The Kiss

Production company
Stella Motion Pictures

Producer/ Director
Philippe Charluet

Jane Searle

Philippe Charluet
Jane Searle

Commissioning editor
Geoff Barnes

Executive Producer
Claire Jager

Original music
Max Lambert
Iva Davies

Development funded by
Film Victoria