To add another layer within an exhibition space or performance…


AKIRA ISOGAWA – exhibition film

AKIRA ISOGAWA was a 6 month exhibition in 2019 at the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences (MAAS) beautifully curated by Roger Leong, also known as the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Known for his fusion …


two shanks – the film

two shanks is originaly a play written by Daniel Keene. Artist Catherine Bainbridge, inspired by the play, created artworks to be shown in her Melbourne exhibition, probing the abstract visual ideas circulating around the words …


Tapestry of Light – exhibition documentary

This short documentary by Philippe Charluet is a glimpse into the making of this internationally significant artwork by Australian artist, Dr Irene Barberis. The Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible has been a fascinating …


MURPHY – The Australian Ballet

MURPHY was a full evening dance program paying tribute to Graeme Murphy AO in a revival by The Australian Ballet of his groundbreaking work from 1979 to 2011. Two films were created for it by …


Love and Devotion – exhibition film

This 12 min atmospheric film by Philippe Charluet was created for the State Library of Victoria’s exhibition Love and Devotion: from Persia and Beyond and screened continuously on a loop within it from March to …


Nutcracker: the Story of Clara

film components

  Various film segments created by Philippe Charluet (originated on B&W 16 mm & Super 8). These are projected within and over the whole sets of this Australian Ballet’s production, choreographed by Graeme Murphy (originally …


Seamless:where costume meets dance

exhibition film

Seamless: where costume meets dance was a free exhibition at the Arts Centre (Melbourne) in 2008 “An engaging insight into the creative process of designing costume for dance” currated by Margot Anderson. An exhibition film …



the world of Lloyd Rees

SWIMMING IN LIGHT the world of Lloyd Rees is a play exploring the external and inner worlds of acclaimed Australian artist Lloyd Rees. The film projection within the play dwelves into these worlds with memories, …


Nearly Beloved – the ‘movie’

  Conceptualised/ choreographed by Graeme Murphy, directed and filmed by Philippe Charluet, NEARLY BELOVED, The Movie is a spoof gangster movie that was projected within this Sydney Dance Company’s show, which premiered at the Sydney …


‘The Sky Wizard’ and ‘An Imaginary Life’ – the films

The projected short films by film maker Philippe Charluet were created as the additional layer of emotions and fantaisies to the Kim Carpenter‘s plays’ below.   The Sky Wizard is a children’s play created for …

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