The mystic, Ahmad al-Ghazali, conversing with a young man (work attributed to Gazurgahi, Majalis al-‘Ushshaq, 1552)

Love and Devotion – exhibition film

This 12 min atmospheric film by Philippe Charluet was created for the State Library of Victoria’s exhibition Love and Devotion: from Persia and Beyond and screened continuously on a loop within it from March to July 2012 to over 120,000 visitors. It showcases beautiful images showcasing the stories of human and divine love from the rare illuminated manuscripts in the exhibition and features stirring original Persian music and songs from the Mehr Ensemble and the Nefes Ensemble, composed especially for this film, with sumptuous Persian poetry readings by Mehdi Mirzaei.

The challenges were multiple: select illuminated manuscripts that reflected both the journey undertaken by the exhibition’s visitors and that were specific to the chosen poems; select poems, find their correct english translations and retranslate them accordingly into Persian; find a Persian poetry reader; find talented Persian musicians and singers, and compose original music and songs reflecting the chosen poetry; select already composed musical tracks; film musicians and various items to mix with images of illuminated manuscript – and all of this in line with the curators’ narrative…
Philippe Charluet – Filmmaker and Music Director

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TAASA Review Magazine (see Philippe’s article, page 17 DISCOVERING PERSIAN MUSIC)

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(we produced for SLV – screened at Palace Cinemas)


POETRY SAMPLE (one of many produced for SLV – sound only)

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