Akira Isagowa (photo Michele Aboud)

AKIRA ISOGAWA – exhibition film

AKIRA ISOGAWA was a 6 month exhibition in 2019 at the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences (MAAS) beautifully curated by Roger Leong, also known as the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

AKIRA film projection #1 (with costumes)Known for his fusion of Asian tradition with Australian ease, Akira Isogawa is one of our country’s most loved and celebrated fashion designers. This exhibition is the first to explore his career of more than 25 years, revealing the background, impulses and cultural influences that have contributed to the making of a fashion original. Produced/edited by Philippe Charluet, the 10 min film showcased three dance works, created by Graeme Murphy, for which Akira designed the costumes and was projected on a loop as part of this amazing array of fashion design displayed.

Akira Isogawa (photographer unknown)


“As a designer I want to make things that are emotionally or spiritually connected to people
Akira Isogawa

Give the man poetry and he’ll give it back to you in fabric
Graeme Murphy AO

Exhibition Review

Featured video: iPhone shot by Roger Leong (22 sec-silent)

Video Tab above:
MAAS Exhibition Film (SILENT as interviews’ sound was heard within exhibition)
Micro-Doco screened within exhibition  (on the making of Romeo & Juliet costumes)
ELLIPSE (also designed by Akira but not in exhibit)
GRAND (with music)
MOURNED BY THE WIND (a section of ‘Air & Other Invisible Forces’ with music)

  • AKIRA film projection #1 (with costumes)
  • Akira Isogawa (photographer unknown)
  • GRAND costumes (designed by Akira Isogawa)
  • AKIRA film projection #2
  • AKIRA photo montage of exhibition
  • Akira Isagowa (photo Michele Aboud)
  • Akira isogawa (photo Simon Schluter)