A work in progress for the 'Tapestry of Light' project

Tapestry of Light – exhibition documentary

This short documentary by Philippe Charluet is a glimpse into the making of this internationally significant artwork by Australian artist, Dr Irene Barberis.

The Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible has been a fascinating source of inspiration for artists. The Tapestry of Light is a giant illuminated tapestry, spread across 14 panels, 36 metres long by 3 metres high, made from glowing fibres of threads and light especially constructed, using nanoparticle technology developed by Professor David Mainwaring.

Nearly 20 years in focused development and existing somewhere between art, science and design, the completed artwork is an extraordinary illuminated full-visual interpretation of John’s Apocalypse in tapestry form in over 500 years (re-imagining the medieval Angers Tapestries of the Apocalypse), and the first known to be by a woman!

The exhibition The Tapestry of Light: A 21st-Century Apocalypse is currently on at the Museum of the Bible in Washington until 01/01/2020 where our short film is showing on a loop within.

Past Brussel exhibition

Featured video: Short excerpt (1 min)

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Our documentary excerpt 
Walk-thru of the exhibition (from the Museum of the Bible)


  • Swatches and tapestry colour palette
  • Irridation (for Tapestry of Light)
  • A work in progress for the 'Tapestry of Light' project
  • One panel from the tapestry
  • Tapestry of Light - The light within...