two shanks – The Film

Two Shanks - Actor Marco Chiappi within a Catherine Bainbridge's paintingtwo shanks is a play written by Daniel Keene. Artist Catherine Bainbridge, inspired by the play, created artworks to be shown in her Melbourne exhibition, probing the abstract visual ideas circulating around the words of the script, their written appearance, and spoken meaning.

This short film features excerpts from the play interpreted by Marco Chiappi in the role originally perfomed by the late Lewis Fiander. All these media – the powerful writing, the stirring artwork, the performance and the B&W photographs of Lewis (by Jeff Busby) – combine into a moving 12 minute film directed, filmed and edited by Philippe Charluet, which forms part of and is screened within Catherine’s exhibition titled ‘…of script and facture…’ showing at the Fortyfivedownstairs gallery in Melbourne CBD 11-22 September 2018.

“And once so far into the night that no dawn seemed possible I thought I heard him cry out for me, or for some other, lost for something, at least beyond his small grasp, his blind grasp and in his cry there seemed to be a kind of light …

… all the entire world was sudden reduced to that sound, I thought I heard

And the whole earth illuminated”

  • Lewis Fiander in the original 'Two Shanks' play (photo Jeff Busby)
  • Two Shanks - Actor Marco Chiappi within Catherine Bainbridge's painting (photo by Philippe Charluet)
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