Nutcracker: the Story of Clara

film components

Various film segments created by Philippe Charluet (originated on B&W 16 mm & Super 8). These are projected within and over the whole sets of this Australian Ballet’s production, choreographed by Graeme Murphy (originally created in 1992 and restaged in 2002, 2009 & 2017 – segments filmed in 1992 & 2002). The story is set on a hot Melbourne Christmas Eve in late 1950s. Clara is not a child but a frail ex-ballerina, reliving her rich and eventful life in one night of feverish dreams.

2017 Season

Front video: sets the start of the Russian revolution – our bolsheviks are now portrayed as rats and our heroin (all Australian Ballet’s artists) is weaved within Siegei Eisenstein’s Oktiabr, which, incredibly!, was filmed nearly 100 years ago.  Note how well the Melbourne National Theatre match the russian palace in the film.

Videos Tab above: Excerpt where other film components were used

TAB photo GalleryReview

  • Filming 'the attack of the Bolchevick rats' at the National Theatre (Melbourne)
  • two shanks – the film

  • MURPHY – The Australian Ballet

  • Nearly Beloved – the ‘movie’

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