Lucy Guerrin's 'Weather'

Weather – Lucy Guerin INC

55 min video, filmed by Philippe Charluet, on the arresting dance work born from a co-production between Lucy Guerin INC’s Melbourne-based dance company and Montreal’s Place des Arts. It draws on the inventive design skills of Robert Cousins and the expansive music of Oren Ambarchi to create an intriguing exploration of the choreographic formations and visceral affects of weather.

“Weather is like choreography; it’s so kinetic, it’s about movement and displacement of air, it has limitless possibilities for dance” (Lucy Guerin, The Age, 2012)

Performed at the Theatre de La Ville in Paris, 2015

Over the years, we have filmed many of Lucy Guerin’s works including: Untrained (60 min), Bodyparts: Zero (30 min) and for Michelle Mahrer Productions, Corridor (60 min), Structure and Sadness (60 min) and Aether (60 min)

Videos Tab above:

Weather (5 min promo + full-length program)

Untrained (promo we have filmed)

Excerpts from Structure & Sadness + Aether + Corridor (additional cinematography)

You can also see a lot of our work within Lucy Guerin Inc’s Company Trailer

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