Graeme Murphy ('Body of Work' poster)

Graeme Murphy’s Heritage Collection

As Sydney Dance Company’s Artistic Directors for over three decades, choreographer Graeme Murphy AO and his creative associate, Janet Vernon AM, have created a unique repertoire of dance works, including over thirty-five full evening productions and hundreds of short works. The Heritage Collection acknowledges this culturally significant achievement and provides a window into these remarkable works…

Full-length works have been edited and remastered: Shades of Gray, Berlin with iOTA, Tivoli, Song of the Night, Daphnis and Chloé, Free Radicals, Grand, Synergy with SynergyAir And Other invisible Forces, Salome, Rumours, Poppy, Berlin with Iva Davies, Kraanerg, Nearly Beloved, Mythologia, Sheherazade, Some Rooms (to name a few…)

Producer/director/editor/web architect: Philippe Charluet

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Credits Tab above lists the works we have filmed over the years (with Sydney Dance Company)

Video Tab above:

1) Ellipse Promo

2) Berlin* (with iOTA)

3) GRAND* Promotional reel

4) Synergy with Synergy* (excerpt from Body of Work, not the remastered SBS Masterpiece original)

5) Mourned By The Wind * (a section of ‘Air And Other Invisible Forces‘ produced for the BBC)

6) The Early Days* (film created for Body of Work Gala performance at the Sydney Opera House, celebrating the dancers of the Sydney Dance Company in its early days, the European tours and finishing with an homage to the dear friends who have left us)

In addition to the many Television Specials we produced, extensive sections from GRAND, TIVOLI, GLIMPSES, KRAANERG, NEARLY BELOVED, SOME ROOMS and OLD FRIENDS NEW FRIENDS featured in ABC and SBS documentaries:

The Closet Tales of Australian Fashion: Akira Isogawa; Tivoli: the Making of a Dance Musical*; You Owe Me: Sir Robert Helpmann; Sydney Dance Paris*; 
Astonish Me: Graeme Murphy;
Old Friends New Friends*;

(* produced/ directed by Philippe Charluet);



  • Graeme Murphy ('Body of Work' poster)

Ever after Ever (ABC/ Foxtel Special)

Berlin (with Iota)



Hua Mulan


Shades of Gray



Body of Work, excerpts from:
Daphnis & Chloe
Soft Bruising
An Evening
Synergy with Synergy
Piano Sonata
The Protecting Veil
Sequenza VII
Free Radicals

Body of Work (Films' components)

Body of Work (Gala)

Air: Mourned by the Wind (BBC/ ABC Special)


Air & Other Invisible Forces


Beauty & The Beast

Free Radicals

Berlin (with Iva Davies)

Bard Bits & Afterworld

A Streetcar Named Desire

Synergy with Synergy (SBS Masterpiece)

Sydney Dance Paris (ABC special)

Nearly Beloved

Piano Sonata

Viridian (ABC Special)

Deadly Sins

Poppy (SBS Masterpiece)

Shakespeare Dances

King Roger

In the Company of Wo/men

Soft Bruising

Daphnis & Chloe

Song of the Night

An Evening (Graeme Murphy's solo)


Old Friends New Friends

Old Friends New Friends' Film Component

After Venice

Some Rooms


Rumours - a trilogy (mastering from film)