‘Club Swing’ and ‘The Avalanches’

Razor BabyEpisodes of a 10 x 15 min series, produced by Wendy Martin,  CLUB SWING and THE AVALANCHES was written/directed and filmed by Philippe Charluet for ABC Education/ Film Australia

Produced specifically for upper secondary schools by the ABC’s Education Television unit and shot over 6 months, Artzone Series features a profile of Australian artists and their work. We discover CLUB SWING, Melbourne’s internationally successful aerial artists, who create their new show ‘Razor Baby’ – a tribute to female superheroes like Xena, Warrior Princess and Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, and THE AVALANCHES, a hip-hop group which samples sound from old records to create their new music and releases a number one album in the process, Since I Left You.




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‘Razor Baby’ full documentary

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‘The Avalanches’ full documentary


  • Razor Baby
  • CLUB SWING in the making of 'Razor Baby' (with Anni Davey, Kathryn Niesche, Kareena (Oates) Hodgson, Simone O’Brien, Celia White, Jeremy Smith)
  • “We are committed to deliver rich content, humanise our stories and engage our audience with creative flair, intelligence and visual impact.”

    Philippe Charluet

  • Wild Swans: Behind the Scenes

  • Love and Devotion:

    from Persia and Beyond

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