The Australian Ballet School’s Archives

Posted by on Nov 20, 2016 in TV Arts


The digitisation of precious archives from The Australian Ballet School, filmed in rehearsal studios or on stage (22 x reel to reel videos dating from 1973 to 1979). These works include Gemini rehearsal which feature Marilyn Rowe and John Meehan (circa 1973!), Papillon rehearsal choreographed in 1975 by Graeme Murphy, a wealth of rare works, and, various dance classes held by Marika Besobrasova and Miss Cheng. Digitisation Producer: Philippe Charluet

This project was made possible due to the initiative of Australian Ballet School’s alumni, Ms Caroline Poon.

Sample works:


1975PapillonRialto RipplesMirage

1976Night of the Four MoonsAnatomyChoreologyPas-de-Deux

1979EasternlightAurora’s Wedding

(unknown precise date in the seventies) – One in FiveBallet Imperial