To add another layer within an exhibition space or performance…


AKIRA ISOGAWA – exhibition film

AKIRA ISOGAWA was a 6 month exhibition in 2019 at the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences (MAAS) beautifully curated by Roger Leong, also known as the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Known for his fusion …


two shanks – the film

two shanks is originaly a play written by Daniel Keene. Artist Catherine Bainbridge, inspired by the play, created artworks to be shown in her Melbourne exhibition, probing the abstract visual ideas circulating around the words …


Tapestry of Light – exhibition documentary

This short documentary by Philippe Charluet is a glimpse into the making of this internationally significant artwork by Australian artist, Dr Irene Barberis. The Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible has been a fascinating …


MURPHY – The Australian Ballet

MURPHY was a full evening dance program paying tribute to Graeme Murphy AO in a revival by The Australian Ballet of his groundbreaking work from 1979 to 2011. Two films were created for it by …


Love and Devotion – exhibition film

This 12 min atmospheric film by Philippe Charluet was created for the State Library of Victoria’s (SLV) exhibition Love and Devotion: from Persia and Beyond and screened continuously on a loop within it from March to …


Nutcracker: the Story of Clara

film components

Various film segments created by Philippe Charluet (originated on B&W 16 mm & Super 8). These are projected within and over the whole sets of this Australian Ballet’s production, choreographed by Graeme Murphy (originally created …



the world of Lloyd Rees

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SWIMMING IN LIGHT the world of Lloyd Rees is a play exploring the external and inner worlds of acclaimed Australian artist Lloyd Rees. The film projection within the play dwelves into these worlds with memories, …


Nearly Beloved – the ‘movie’

  Conceptualised/ choreographed by Graeme Murphy, directed and filmed by Philippe Charluet, NEARLY BELOVED, The Movie is a spoof gangster movie that was projected within this Sydney Dance Company’s show, which premiered at the Sydney …


‘The Sky Wizard’ and ‘An Imaginary Life’ – the films

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The projected short films by film maker Philippe Charluet were created as the additional layer of emotions and fantaisies to the Kim Carpenter‘s plays’ below.   The Sky Wizard is a children’s play created for …

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